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September 2023 BID Meeting Minutes


(September 19th, 2023)


5125 6th Ave, Kenosha WI 53140



Executive Committee: Chairperson Mark Wistar, Vice Chairperson Brit Windel,           Treasurer Rajiv Sigh, Secretary Jeanette Kelly
Board Members Present:
Brett Bjorn, Kevin Ervin, Alex Kudrna, Rob Gresoviak, James Matzur, Maria Caravati, Gus Harris
Non-Voting Members: Dennis DuChene, Laura Gregorski, Donny Stancato,  Alderman Bill Siel,


  1. Minutes­­ Approval from August 15th, 2023
  • Alex motioned to approve – Maria second – All in Favor


  1. Citizens’ Comments –
    • Present: Lisa Conohan, Brandon Torres, Amanda Paquette, Carolyn Mathey
    • Brandon Torres, Lisa from the Rhode Theater Arts – Need to bring posters to downtown businesses –
    • Mike – Mandatory Bird Management – Gull way deportation
  2. Director Comments
    • Updates from the Chairman
  • Reminder about upcoming elections – Jim, Rob, Jeanette, & Alex are up for re- election
  • Planters Update Bill Siel met with the mayor and has approval to move forward with the plan to remove the planters and the petition to remove them.
  • Attorney Update about cameras
    • Neil – all liability will be with the KPD – it’s a gift for the KPD – working on a contract –
    • McTernan update – scope of work is larger than the original – get a survey together of what businesses who are interested –
  • Flock Voting – purchasing 3 flock cameras – donation – Maria first – Brit second -motioned carries – all in favor – approved to move forward
  • State of the Downtown Date – March 14th, 2024 – 5pm-7pm
  • Façade Grant Update – Reimplementing the Façade program- Matt Monroe helping launch – to improve their façade for their businesses – will become its own committee – contractors, bankers, architect
    • Treasurer Report
  • 2024 budget update – review budget and ready for approval for October



  1. Marketing Updates
    • Work downtown – adding to the website
    • Live downtown – adding to the website
    • Update Downtown Map – meeting with Anna Bauer
    • The Lettering Machine – on the website making a profit would go towards streets and beautification
    • Winter Downtown Magazine – getting ready to please reach out to Donny
    • Go Downtown QR Code Sandwich Boards – for Third Thursdays- to help promote
    • Fall Fest Decorating Contest – please sign up and tell your neighbors – October 14th
    • Lattes with Law – Matt Elm and KPD getting to know business owners – start the initiative in the new year – rotate at coffee shops –



  1. Committees Comments
  • Outreach and Retention
    • Business Pulse Survey
  • Streets and Beautification
    • Bindelli update – Graffiti program – submit any issues through the website
    • Bike rack update survey who wants a rack – reserve with the city – to include in the new budget –
    • Lighting on poles update – have lights to give to businesses and working with the city to get the other poles lit
    • Clean up on Sept 18th – much nicer cleanup –
    • Way Finding –
    • New meeting getting scheduled
  • Events & Promotions
    • Third Thursdays promotions – postcards sent out
    • Sidewalk Sales – approval for October 13th-October 21st
    • Sip and Stroll Sign up
    • Merry & Bright
    • Snow Days


  1. New Items of Business
    • Ladibule – near Coffee Pot
    • Wild Goose Chase next to Wine Knot – Ayden – Secondhand vintage clothing store
    • Tour of Americas Dairyland – Bringing a bicycle race to downtown
    • Kenosha was featured on the WGN show and promoting Kenosha


  1. Next Meeting/Agenda


  1. ADJOURNMENT Brit Motion to Adjourn, Mark Second


Dates to Know

October 7th Sip & Stroll

October 14th Fall Fest

October 17th BID meeting

October 28th Trunk or Treat