January 2024 BID Meeting Minutes


(January 16th, 2024)


5125 6th Ave, Kenosha WI 53140




Executive Committee: Chairperson Brit Windel, Vice Chairperson Alex Kudrna,  Treasurer Rajiv Sigh, Secretary Jeanette Kelly
Board Members Present:
Brett Bjorn, Kevin Ervin, Rob Gresoviak,  Maria Caravati via phone, Gus Harris, Mark Wistar, Sharon Rossow
Non-Voting Members: Dennis DuChene, Laura Gregorski, Donny Stancato,  Alderman Bill Siel, Dave Strash


  1. Minutes­­ Approval from December 19th, 2023
    • Alex motioned to approve
    • Rajiv Second


  1. Citizens’ Comments


  1. Director Comments
  • Updates from the Chairman
    • Camera Update – affirmed for three FLOCK cameras – 20,000 budget and price has increased – raised the price and need to change the cameras from 3 to 2 cameras.
    • Readdress the committees – reminder who is on the each committee –
    • Candidate Panel Roundtable February 4th – Brit , Sharon, Gus
    • State of Downtown – March 14th, 5pm-7pm, Stella, Michael, GM, Videography, Annual Report, No Q&A, Relaunching of the Façade Program – Will the city be interested in sponsoring the Façade program for downtown businesses like Racine BID does?


  • Facade Program Update- Matt Monroe is good to go, how to distribute the funds, Need to have 2 from the board, need to have perimeters,
  • Will the city be interested in sponsoring the Façade program for downtown businesses like Racine BID does?


  • Treasurer Report


  • Having a separate bank account to have for the façade program,


  • Need to Pay Visit Program, Flock Cameras, Brett will be part of the Flock committee


  1. Marketing Updates
  • New board members added, need terms list – to the Website
  • Bylaws added to website
  • Pulse survey in current business newsletter
  • Downtown Magazine – submitting editorial, no changes to layout – Reaching out to Carmichael Communications to establish a point person
  • Downtown Map – sample pocket map to show, or sheets? – tear off sheet maps?
  • Lattes with Law – Working on plan for quarterly events in 2024
    Board members willing to help “staff” –
  • (March) Buzz, (June) Anna’s, (September) BLAKCoffee and (December) East View?
  • State of the Downtown Annual Meeting 3/14, The Stella – program planning, who is speaking? –
  • Annual Report, who will compile materials and do layout?
  • Committee for new BID business event? Need to start planning early.


  1. Committees Comments
  • Outreach & Retention – Donny can co- chair with Dave Strash –
  • Streets & Beautification –
  • Events & Promotions –


  1. New Items of Business
  • Friendship Park Events
  • Brit create letter from BID about closed boarded up business.
  • Monica Christian, High End Designer – 7th ave across Democratic
  • Car Source Closed – car lots are emptying
  • Parks and Streets – Flower pots getting removed one by one
  • Flower Project – Water Sourcing, could save $5,000, Metered Water Supply at City Hall
  • Graffiti Removal on the Rhode
  1. Next Meeting/Agenda




  1. Rajiv motioned


  1. Gus


Dates to Know

January 16th– BID Meeting

January 27th – Snow Days

February 4th – Mayoral Round Table

February 20th – BID Meeting

March 14th – State of Downtown