Barista at East View Coffee Company

Job Details

Part Time, Weekends, $18


We’re hiring a full-time Barista (32-40 hours per week) to help us more effectively accomplish our mission: to make and share coffee that delights, give back to our communities, move thoughtfully, and treat our team, customers, and suppliers kindly.

That’s where you come in!
You’re outgoing, love coffee, like educating people about coffee, and will help run our Kenosha Tasting Room in line with East View Coffee’s values and mission. You will build relationships, provide coffee education, and help create unique coffee experiences for our community by sampling our coffees and crafting beverages from our menu.

Get experience in a fast-growing company where things will change daily; new ideas get implemented quickly. Your voice will be heard, and your views, thoughts, and expertise will impact the company’s future. We also believe in competitive compensation and paying a living wage.
When you work.
We are open Wednesday through Sunday, and your work would take place approximately 7.5 hours each day for five consecutive days from 6:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. on these days + 3 hours of prep time potentially outside of these hours.

Core Responsibilities
Exemplify the core values of East View Coffee Company
Uphold café culture of inclusivity, curiosity, and education
Cleaning: daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly
Product knowledge
Coffee (batch-brewed espresso + cold brew + pour-overs)
Cash Management
Daily Operations
Quality control (coffee cupping and product checks)
Customer Experience
Café Aesthetics
Community Engagement
Requirements and Desired Skills
Ability to communicate clearly and promptly with staff and customers
Enthusiastic about customer service
Standard computer skills proficiency– Google Sheets and basic inventory
Ability to stand for long periods
Ability to carry and move heavy objects
Desire and ability to teach and lead others
Can give and receive feedback respectfully
Strong organization and time management skills
Impeccable follow through
Ability to work with different coffee brewing equipment
Desire to continually be challenged and grow as a professional
Passion for ethically sourced, high-quality coffee
Reliable transportation
Detail oriented

Pay and Benefits
This is a part-time job. Pay starts at $18 per hour. We are a tip-free location.

How to apply:
To apply, submit a resume or skills and work history summary to

Who We Are + Mission
We are a women-owned coffee roastery that wants to empower others from marginalized communities. Diversity and inclusion do not happen by accident or luck. We value, respect, and support diversity across all identities, including ethnicity, race, gender, LGBTQIA, age, religion, and abilities. Our goal is:

Increase awareness and enjoyment of our coffee. We want to share ethically sourced coffee with coffee lovers in SE Wisconsin and N Illinois.
Make coffee that delights our customers.
Fuel the excellent work in our communities by providing these organizations with all the high-quality, freshly roasted coffee they need. We donate $1 worth of coffee from every coffee bag sold to our non-profit partners.

How do we move thoughtfully? Our values + culture:
Assume positive intent. This means assuming the best in others; we are all busy, complex humans with lots going on that can show up in our day-to-day working days.
Be Kind to customers and yourself.
Doing epic sh#$t. We are on a mission and have big visions. Part of doing things differently is encountering obstacles and challenges. We are problem solvers who love creating systems and solutions to achieve these goals.
Always be growing. We want to approach coffee with an out-of-the-box mindset and bring our best selves to our work. Growth is part of the process.
Work your strengths. As we grow, working to your strengths is essential. We believe in communication, setting clear goals and expectations, and encountering challenges and problems together.
Resting is important. The world puts such urgency on so many tasks. Better work is done when we care for ourselves and have realistic boundaries and expectations.

Key Performance Indicators for this role:

Ability to make and serve quality drinks that reflect our menu
Ability to use storytelling to create drinks in a performative and artistic manner
Create a consistently welcoming and personalized customer experience
Attention to detail in the presentation of persons and items served
Willingness to seek out and complete tasks supporting the business as a whole.


Past Experience Working With Speciality Coffee
Ability to Work Saturdays and Sundays

Ready to Apply?

How to apply: To apply, email and explain why you'd like to work with East View as a barista.