Teddi talks: Q&A w/ Teddi of Ruffolo’s Spa

Ruffolo’s Spa

“I love going to Artworks, walking around, exploring, and seeing all the shops downtown Kenosha has to offer.” – Teddi

Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, with the ultimate spa experience with Teddi and her crew at Ruffolo’s Spa in downtown Kenosha. We decided to sit down with Teddi to learn more about her and what Ruffolo’s Spa has to offer. Enjoy our exclusive TEDDI TALK….

Can you give us a little rundown of how you started here at Ruffolo’s Spa?
Teddi: I started originally at the Ruffolo’s location on 52nd as just an esthetician, and then over the years I started to develop the spa program, and then we expanded now into the beautiful downtown area.

Photo by Donny Stancato

Can you describe the types of products and services you offer here at Ruffolo’s Spa?
Teddi: Here at Ruffolo’s Spa in downtown Kenosha, we offer a variety of services, mainly skin care, body waxing, and cosmetic tattooing.

What makes Ruffolo’s Spa stand out among the many great businesses in downtown Kenosha?
Teddi: I would say mainly because we just offer spa services. That would make us stand out a little bit differently.

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What are some things that you personally like to do in downtown Kenosha?
Teddi: Personally, I love to visit all of the coffee shops. We have one directly across from us, Blak Coffee, one of my favorites. And then I love going to Artworks, walking around, exploring, and seeing all the shops downtown Kenosha has to offer.

So, Teddi, how do you stay updated on all the spa industry trends and changes?
Teddi: They’re always changing, I personally use a lot of social media. And I also work with a lot of our consultants through our products for updated training and services and products.

Photo by Donny Stancato

What is something about downtown Kenosha that you would like future residents to know about?
Teddi: Definitely make sure that you walk around as much as you can and explore and visit all the shops. There are many hidden gems around here.

Walk us through a day in your life of running Ruffolo’s?
Teddi: Well, first off, wake up, take my dog out, take care of her, get myself ready. And then in here, we open the shop by setting up everything, cleaning what we need to, and getting ready for the day.

All right, last question. What is next for you and Ruffolo’s spa?
Teddi: Booked and busy!

Ruffolo’s Spa is located at 5610 7th Ave.
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Q&A and photos by Donny Stancato, Jenna Zeihen  • Text edited by Meridith Jumisko, Jenna Zeihen & Donny Stancato • Video edited by Jenna Zeihen.
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