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Anna gonna have another coffee at Anna’s On The Lake

Welcome to a brew-tiful day at Anna’s On The Lake! Today, we had the pleasure of catching up with the multi-talented owner, chef, and barista herself, Anna Pitts. Stepping into Anna’s may give you a sense of deja-brew, and that’s because this beloved Kenosha gem is truly a family affair! Alongside Anna is her twin sister, Natalie, both brewing up magic at the coffee shop. Join us as we dive into Anna’s daily routine and discover why Anna’s on the Lake serves up the perfect combination of stunning views and coffee, you’ll adore a latte!

 Q How long has Anna’s On The Lake been pouring coffee?
ANNA: We’ve been open since November 2022 so, just a little over a year now.

Q. What inspired you to start up a coffee shop?
ANNAthink what inspired us most was the desire to create a place where people could connect and make their own special memories over the simple pleasure of a good cup of coffee. We’ve witnessed that a lot over this past year and it feels really special to be a part of people’s lives by creating an inviting space where bonds are formed, and memories are made. That for us has definitely been the most rewarding part of this journey.

Q. Can you tell me about the kind of coffee beans you use? 
ANNA: We work with Valentine Coffee Roasters based in Milwaukee, WI. They do an excellent job when it comes to sourcing and roasting their beans from all different regions of the world. We’re really lucky in that they are super knowledgeable about what they do; I feel like I am always learning something new from them.

Q. Do you offer any specialty or unique coffee blends?
ANNA: We like to keep things interesting with our drip coffee choices. While you can always count on a medium and dark roast, we switch up where the specific region the type of beans come from. It’s our way of making sure every cup is a unique and enjoyable experience.

Q. What are some of the most popular items on your menu?
ANNA: We take pride in the fact that we try and keep our menu really simple to ensure the quality of every menu item we put out. Our most popular breakfast item is definitely our Bacon Cheddar breakfast sandwich. But if you think you can take the heat, I’d recommend trying our Spicy Bacon Cheddar. It’s got everything you’d want in a breakfast sandwich. For lunch, you can’t wrong with Turkey Pesto or our Prosciutto and Mozz. And add a cup of soup to either of those and you are in store for a great lunch. 

Q. What are Anna’s On The Lake’s  signature drinks or pastries?
ANNA: Our chai and dirty chai are for sure what we get the most people coming back for. We sometimes like to put a seasonal twist on these by featuring some different flavor combinations which are tasty and worth a try but you can never go wrong with the classics.

Q. How do you come up w/ new menu items?
ANNAWe are mostly motivated by what flavors are in season and form our menus and drink specials around that.

Q. What kind of vibes does Anna’s On The Lake aim for?
ANNA: Our main goal is to create a space that is warm and inviting which people feel a part of and connected to. Spanning across all ages. We want you to feel part of the family even if that means having to deal with a bit of the chaos at times!

Q. How does Anna’s On The Lake engage/connect with the local community?
ANNA: I think the biggest way we connect with people is by being here for them every day. We love our regulars and truly look forward to serving them every day. Social media is another way we like to make people feel a part of the shop even if they don’t have the time to stop in every day. Even if it’s by sharing something small like what playlist we’re listening that day or what coffee we’re drinking. It’s definitely a great way to keep people feeling connected.

Q. How do you ensure a positive customer experience?
ANNA: I think it’s simply just by genuinely caring about our customer’s experience at our shop. I think that’s something that amazes me every day with our staff is their willingness to put their best into everything they do and make and their willingness to correct something to make sure our customers enjoy every sip.

Q. What are some of the challenges being the owner of Anna’s On The Lake?
ANNA: Like owning any business, I would say it’s the fact that every day is different and you never really know what you’re going to get when you get out of bed in the morning. Is it going to be crazy busy? Is it going to be more relaxed? You can guess but you never really know.

Q. On the flip side, what are the most rewarding aspects of running a successful coffee shop?
ANNA: The most rewarding is seeing the little community we’ve built among our staff and customers continue to grow. I think we’ve built a spot that will continue to be a place where people create sweet, heartfelt memories and I think that that is something that I will always find rewarding and always be grateful for.

Q. Are there any events or community activities that Anna’s On The Lake participates in?
ANNA: Most recently we participated in Downtown Kenosha’s Snow Daze which was great. Coming up we’ll be participating in Restaurant Week which we are excited for!

Q. Does Anna’s have a loyalty program?
ANNA: We do, it’s super simple. Just add your phone number after your transaction and start collecting those points.

Q. What is the day to day like running Anna’s On The Lake? 
ANNA: It’s hard to say because every day is different, you never know what you’re going to get! 

Q. Do you change your menu seasonally, and if so, how do you decide on seasonal offerings? 
ANNA: Our menu does change seasonally it’s mostly driven by what we can get fresh locally. 

Q. Are there any upcoming seasonal promotions or events? 
ANNA: We’ll be running a couple of specials for Restaurant Week that we are excited about, and we have summer around the corner which will include the opening of our seasonal outdoor bar! 

Q. Can you tell us a little about the fantastic staff at Anna’s On The Lake? 
ANNA: We are so very lucky to have our amazing staff who make this place possible every single day. 

Q. What do you love about having your coffee shop in downtown Kenosha? 
ANNA: Our wonderful community who it’s been an absolute privilege to serve and get to know over the past year. 

Q. Are there any new features or offerings you plan to introduce in the future? 
ANNA: I think what we’re most excited about is the return of our outdoor bar this summer. Stay tuned for updates!

Q. What makes Anna’s On The Lake stand out from all the other coffee shops in the area? 
ANNA: I think our amazing staff and our amazing view of the lake are what make us unique from other shops in the area. We are very lucky!

Q. What is your favorite drink?
ANNA: A small dry cappuccino just like my grandpa Bob used to drink. He always said Rennie made the best! 

Q. Ok what is next for Anna’s On The Lake? 
ANNA: We have our outdoor bar reopening this summer which we are excited about! Looking forward to warmer weather and delicious cocktails by the lake ahead!

Q. What do you love about downtown Kenosha? 
ANNA: Our beautiful lakefront and just the overall sense of community we have here downtown they truly make it the best place to be! 

Q. Besides Anna’s On The Lake, what is your favorite place to get coffee in downtown Kenosha? 
ANNA: We’re very lucky in that we have some really great options here downtown for some delicious coffee. But I will say even before opening the shop I always looked forward to some Esperanza coffee from the Public Market. The owner Sergio is great, and it’s been wonderful to watch him build something so special over the last few years. We also were regulars at The Buzz before we opened and met some great people over there! We also recently were able to visit East View Coffee which was a special experience. You can tell Jenny put her heart and soul into her new space downtown. It is really difficult for us to get out for some breakfast/lunch but when we do we always make sure to hit up as many coffee shops as we can. It’s nice to feel like the customer every once and awhile!

Anna’s On The Lake is located at 5919 6Th Avenue
Hours: Open 7 days a week 7AM-4PM
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(262) 455-7264

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Q&A/photos by Donny Stancato • Intro written by Jenna Zeihen • Edited by Meridith Jumisko