January 2023 BID Meeting Minutes



TUESDAY, January 17th @ 8:30AM



PRESENT:  Rajiv Singh, Jeanette Kelly, Brett Bjorn, Kevin Ervin, Maria Caravati, Alex Kudrna


ABSENT:  Rob Greskoviak, Jim Matzur, Brit Windel, Mark Wistar


GUEST:          Donny Stancato – Happenings

Dave Strash – Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce

Laura Gregorski – Visit Kenosha

Debra and Bryan Ruxin – potential store owners


The meeting was called to order at 8:34 am by Chairperson Alex Kudrna.  A quorum was not present.


  1. Citizen’s Comments
    1. Dave Strash– Chamber of Commerce
      • Kenosha Chamber of Commerce Expo Event this week
      • Business after 5pm – 2/28 @ Carthage College
    2. Debra and Bryan Ruxin – talked about opening Pet Boutique Store in downtown, choosing location, learning about market, etc.


  1. Chairman Comments – Alex Kudrna
    1. Marketing
      • Donny Stancato – Happenings
        1. Magazine Ad space being sold and offering large discount for advance purchase (deadline is 1/30/23 to order ads)
      • Laura Gregorski – Visit Kenosha
        1. Snow Daze sold out
        2. Banner design almost finalized for submittal
        3. New Website
          1. Almost ready to launch – updating business listings
          2. Social Media marketing launch coordinated at same time as website and newsletter
        4. Progress with Mainstreet Program transfer is being made
  1. Banner Project
    • Banner update will cost $250 and changes will be made by February so we can get printed and hung in March
  2. Seasonal Decorations Project – Kevin Irvin
    • 11 locations offered as potential sites for decorations
    • Public spots Bid pays 100% and for any private spots there would be charge to business owner or cost-sharing arrangement
    • Conversation on need for key signage or sculpture for social media purposes
  3. Professional Development Seminars – Rajiv Singh
    • Will work on strategic alliances to help pay for educational seminars
    • WIBEK and Kenosha Chamber of Commerce
  • Treasurer’s Comments – Rajiv Singh
    1. Final payment owed to Visit Kenosha for 2022 assistance and reimbursements.
  1. Directors Comments / Open Items & Discussion
    1. Director Caravati
      • Friendship Park event February 11th
      • Need some criteria to have BID help promote and pay for events
      • Want to drive business to BID District
    2. Director Kudrna
      • Promotional Bags / Giveaway baskets for Spring Promotion
  1. Next Meeting/Agenda
  1. Minutes recorded by Rajiv Singh
  2. The next meeting will be Tuesday, February 21st at 8:30 at the Wyndham Garden Kenosha Harborside. The meetings will be the third Tuesday.
  3. Adjournment – Director Ervin moved/seconded by Director Bjorn to adjourn at 9:35am. Motion carried.