December 2023 BID Meeting Minutes


(December 19th, 2023)


5125 6th Ave, Kenosha WI 53140



Executive Committee: Chairperson Brit Windel, Vice Chairperson Alex Kudrna,  Treasurer Rajiv Sigh, Secretary Jeanette Kelly
Board Members Present:
Brett Bjorn, Kevin Ervin, Rob Gresoviak,  Maria Caravati, Gus Harris, Mark Wistar, Sharon Rossow
Non-Voting Members: Dennis DuChene, Laura Gregorski, Donny Stancato,  Alderman Bill Siel, Dave Strash


  1. Minutes­­ Approval from November 21th, 2023
  • Motion Alex to approve – Mark Second



  1. Citizens’ Comments


  1. Director Comments
  • Updates from the Chairman
    • Downtown Kenosha Magazine Update
    • Camera Update –Waiting on City Attorney- check getting cut?
    • Readdress the committees – reminder who is on the each committee
    • Year long events application – friendship park – Create events throughout the year and event planning – having the events sooner and we can build the events out larger and larger role – Tree Lighting in Downtown Kenosha perhaps not by the museums
    • Candidate Panel Roundtable – Election for the mayor – K-Town Connects Jason Hedman, Pete Serzant – 1st week in February at Rhode Theater – BID to help Sponsor – Goodie Bag/ Swag –
    • Survey Monkey – Candidate Questions – List top questions – coming from the board
    • Motion to Approve to Mark – Rob Second – $1000 for Charcuterie Boxes for guests
    • Matt Monroe facade program – Guest Speaker –
    • Process – Methodology
    • Marketing Component – communicate to the BID –
    • Visit Kenosha handles marketing – application process- deadlines -review applications – metrics and then announce the awards and cut the checks –
    • Ask Letter for Banks – create a draft to request funding from banks and approved for next meeting
    • How much for the pool of $ –
    • Matching Grant Project – Exterior Lighting – Windows
    • What can we do to practically improve our community


  • Treasurer Report


  1. Marketing Updates
  • Lightin’ Up a success. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped.
    Vintage Underground (Peoples)
    Summer’s Garden(1stJudge)
    Century Pub (2nd Judge)
    Em’s Dance (3rd Judge)
    Teaching Kitchen (Creativity)
    Lemon Street (Creativity)
  • Website Updates:
    Will be adding an icon on business profiles to show who accepts Downtown Universal Gift Cards
  • Content Creator Team established at Visit Kenosha, Will also serve Go Downtown to create blog content.
  • Will be updating the site with new board members, need terms list please.

Currently top performing page is related to holiday hours downtown, traffic suggests the site is becoming a resource for visitors to downtown. Events are most popular consistently.

  • Gift card promotion, buy one get a bonus card of 50% value to encourage shopping and dining downtown this holiday. FREE MONEY FOR VISITORS AND BUSINESSES. Gift card sign up in progress – Donny going to businesses to register them.
  • Downtown Swag store live, please feel free to place an order. $1 from each order goes to façade grant. We can change this amount.
  • Mayoral meeting, goody bags with downtown info and some snack boxes to welcome people downtown.
  • Update Downtown Map – HOLDING to 2024
  • Go Downtown QR Code Sandwich Boards – HOLDING to 2024
  • Lattes with Law – Working on plan for quarterly events in 2024
  • Newsletter going out after new year – any items?

Snow Daze 1/27, Third Thursdays continuing, State of the Downtown Annual Meeting 3/14


  1. Committees Comments
  • Outreach and Retention
  • Streets and Beautification
  • Events & Promotions
  1. New Items of Business
  • Breaking ground in 2024 across from trolley dogs
  • Retail Space and condos breaking ground


  1. Next Meeting/Agenda



Kevin Moved to Adjourn – Alex Second


Dates to Know

January 16th– BID Meeting

January 27th – Snow Days

February 20th – BID Meeting

March 14th – State of Downtown