U.S. Taekwondo Academy


Established in 1978, the U.S. Taekwondo Academy is a pillar of the community. For 36 years the U.S. Taekwondo Academy has opened its doors to anyone willing to walk in. Here at the Academy, we like to pride ourselves on how we are more than just a school. We are a family. “If you ask how big my family is, I’d say all the members of the Academy.” -2nd generation Grandmaster Jon Kim.

Along with our firm belief in the value of family, we hold at our foundation our pillars. Self-Confidence, Respect, Discipline, and Focus build the four pillars of the U.S. Taekwondo Academy and are instilled into each member. It is our goal that each member will be inspired to grow within these areas. In addition, the U.S. Taekwondo Academy follows the ancient Tenets of Taekwondo. Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit strengthen the core of each member of the U.S. Taekwondo Academy. We encourage you to contact us.

Welcome to the U.S. Taekwondo Academy family!


Jon Kim

U.S. Taekwondo Academy

5713 Sheridan Rd, Kenosha, WI, USA

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