SHHHHH! We spotlight Hush Beauty Lounge: Q&A w/ Amanda Schafer

Hush Beauty Lounge
“It’s just a really fun time to be in this industry” – Amanda

Hush Beauty Lounge in Downtown Kenosha is a collective of independent stylists working together to bring you the most relaxing salon experience possible. Owner Amanda wants every client to step into luxury when they walk into her salon. We decided to try and uncover the secrets of her success as we sat down for this exclusive interview w/ the lovely Amanda Schafer.

Tell us a little about the history on how you started Hush Beauty Lounge?
Amanda: So Hush Beauty Lounge started as a suite in 2021, and then from there I got my first location downtown, which was over on 56th, and then it just kind of kept snowballing, and then we purchased this building, and here we are. So it’s been a busy couple years. 

All right, can you describe the type of products and services you offer through Hush?
Amanda: We are a full-service hair salon. We service all members of the family. We do men’s cuts, extensions, colors, basically anything you can imagine. I also do lashes. And we are the exclusive carrier of R+Co hair products in Kenosha, we are the first salon to carry it.

What makes Hush Beauty Lounge stand out among the many great businesses?
Amanda: We are a collective of independent stylists. There is no boss. We each have a key. We each run our own schedules, handle our own clients, which means we get the freedom to provide the best possible service. It’s something really special and unique in this area. 

What is something you’d like to tell future or current residents of downtown Kenosha?
Amanda: Take your time when it’s time to find parking. Chill out about the parking. It’s not suburban. Yep. It isn’t Target.

What are some things you like to do in downtown?
Amanda: I like to eat. I like the restaurants. I like the coffee. I like walking by the lakefront. Yes, there’s just endless options. 

How do you stay updated on the industry’s trends and changes in the environment?
Amanda: It’s easy these days. It comes to us on social media. We don’t have to go finding the new trends. It literally comes on our news feed, and it’s just a really fun time to be in this industry. 

Can you share with us any remarkable experiences on being a downtown kenosha business owner?
Amanda: Well, getting to talk to you guys, getting featured, getting to join the meetings, getting to join committees to better the downtown area, like the clean up committee project, that I am part of. It’s really fun. You can’t do this anywhere else in the city.

What is a day in the life like for you Amanda the owner of Hush Beauty Lounge?
Amanda: It’s surprisingly chill; kind of manages themselves. I just keep things running smoothly and come in and take care of my clients.

So what’s next for you and for Hush Beauty Lounge?
Amanda: I’m gonna take a honeymoon. I still haven’t taken honeymoon, and for Hush I don’t know. We’re kind of established and I feel like we’re all in our groove and I’m just going to keep building.

Hush Beauty Lounge is located at 5014 7th Ave
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