Picturesque Downtown

Picturesque Downtown Kenosha

No matter what the season, there are so many spaces to enjoy in Downtown Kenosha. In fact, some of the area’s most iconic photo op spots can be found in the downtown district.

Many people love to take photos of the North Pier Lighthouse (the red one, that is). It’s a beacon at our lakefront and a visual symbol of Kenosha , and it is definitely a beautiful part of photography year – round. However, it is at the end of the pier, standing next to this lighthouse, that photos are truly unique – looking back on our fabulous downtown neighborhood. The nearby boardwalk is also a great spot to capture shots.

Other favorite spots to capture pictures from include hanging behind Veterans Memorial Fountain to see people enjoying the colo red lights and spouts of water, or from the parking lot at the Best Western Harborside Inn (near the Simmons Island bridge) – watching the fishing boats coming and going is so charming. Various downtown events like SnowDaze, Peanut Butter & Jam, and the T ree Lighting also generate some amazing photography.

And don’t forget all the great public art! From murals and sculptures to mosaic planters and signage, the artwork that adorns Downtown makes a great backdrop for any picture. Capture candids of your fa mily boarding a streetcar near the sculpture walk, or pose perfectly under a neon sign for senior portraits or wedding day photos. There are so many great options to include art, architecture and the abundance of charm here.

Not a photographer but love t aking advantage of iconic photo op spots?

Here are a few places in Downtown Kenosha that you simply need a picture of:

1. With Abraham Lincoln in Library Park

2. From the top of the Southport Lighthouse

3. On the terrace at the Civil War Museum

4. With Christopher C olumbus at Celebration Place

5. On the Streetcar

Do you have a favorite photo spot in Downtown Kenosha? Go Downtown Kenosha and start capturing your own photos and share them with us on our social media accounts!