Musical Fusion This Weekend At The Wyndham w/ A Cappella Band Chasing Saturn

United by a cosmic serendipity in November 2022, Mason, Adam, Charlie, Ryan, and Dan found themselves irresistibly drawn together, forming the stellar ensemble, Chasing Saturn. With over 10,000 hours of collective stage experience spanning the Midwest and the Eastern Seaboard, their passion for vocal music shines as brightly as the stars. From the grandeur of the Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee to the intimate ambiance of the Parkside Lounge in New York City, Chasing Saturn’s celestial tunes and captivating stage presence promise to enchant audiences wherever they go. Chasing Saturn is where harmony meets innovation in an electrifying fusion of voices. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the origins and aspirations of the group as they embark on their upcoming performances at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in downtown Kenosha. So get ready for a HARMONIX weekend!

Meet the band

Tell me about your upcoming show at the Wyndham  Garden Hotel on May 17th & 18th?
Chasing Saturn has landed in Kenosha for our first local performance under the new name! We’ll be sharing new all-vocal arrangements of our favorite songs from across the decades with fans young and old, and we’re so excited to share this new step in our journey with our friends in the Kenosha area!  It’s going to be an absolute blast.

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How did Chasing Saturn form?
We were brought together in November 2022 to sing on a different project and immediately recognized a musical mission larger than ourselves. We got straight to work building a new show bringing that music to life. A year later, Chasing Saturn is ready for takeoff.

Where is everybody from?
Charlie: Chicago, IL by way of Dayton, OH
Slone: NYC but I was born and raised in Cincinnati
Adam: Orlando, FL
Dan: Detroit, Michigan. Where some of the best music is made.
Mason: New York, NY but a proud Detroit native!

Why a cappella?
Charlie: You can only sing a cappella by actively making compromises with your teammates. It also syncs up your heartbeats, which I find cool.

Slone: Honestly, I feel like a cappella picked me and I’m just here for the ride. My degree is in opera and I’ve sung everything in between. I did do a lot of chamber choirs in high school and college so it’s not a huge stretch from that.

Adam: There’s really nothing like singing with a group of people, and a cappella allows us to sing some of our favorite music in a unique way. 

Dan: It’s as challenging as it is rewarding, It’s one of those things that sucks you in and never lets you go.

Mason: It’s the most human, intimate form of storytelling. Finding all the different ways to stretch the human instrument is such a fulfilling method of making music and reaching out to an audience.

What kind of music can we expect from Chasing Saturn?
No genre is off limits! We’ll be covering multiple decades of music, recounting classics from artists including Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Harry Styles, Lawrence, and Steve Miller Band! But what sets us apart is our onstage chemistry and unique arrangements – all of our music is arranged in-house by Charlie and Adam, who are both magic-makers when it comes to finding the musical threads that make a song feel like “us”.

Is the show family friendly?
Absolutely. We invite anyone who enjoys singing (and occasionally dancing) to hop in for some fun!

Where did the name “Chasing Saturn” come from?
We knew we wanted to incorporate a space theme, and Charlie received a suggestion from friend Justin Crichfield to call back to “The Chase,” one of the prospective names for the vocal group which would become Vocalight. The two ideas got mashed together, and Chasing Saturn was born. We love the idea that our name represents the pursuit something wild and new and “out there,” and that audiences might be able to join us on a new frontier of vocal music.

Do all those sounds really come from your mouths?

What are your musical backgrounds?
Charlie: Orchestra Kid, Band Kid, Choir Kid, Theatre Kid. Just taller now!

Slone: When I was 11 I left to go sing in the world renowned Vienna Boy’s Choir. I got my degree in voice from CCM and sang opera professionally for about 4 years before I switch over to musical theatre and ever since the pandemic a cappella has been more of a focus. I’m a singer at heart and I love being on stage

Adam: I was in choir and musical theatre in school, and also started a band in high school where I sang and played rhythm guitar. In college I joined an a cappella group and fell in love with it.

Dan: I started off in school choir. It eventually led to performing musical theatre roles, in middle school. It’s the only thing that kept my focus. I’ve always loved being onstage.

Mason: I got really lucky and had access to a great a cappella education in high school. I continued at the University of Michigan (go blue!), becoming an ICCA finalist with prestigious all-gender group Amazin’ Blue. I’m also an actor by training and trade!

What do you like to do in your free time when you’re not making music?
Charlie: I go on walks, hang out with animals, play magic the gathering, think about making music …

Slone: I LIKE to ride motorcycles, see live productions, go on road trips, eat fancy food, and drink with my friends. What I ACTUALLY do is work my butt off. I run a sales team virtually through globe life, so  if not singing I’m usually working!

Adam: I just started playing Hades 2, which I expect to occupy most of my time moving forward. I also hang out with my cat Archibald

Dan: If i’m not auditioning in NYC, you can catch me at a show. I love live entertainment and performance art.

Mason: I’m a homebody – I love gardening, reading historical fiction (yes, I’ve been to the Civil War Museum in Kenosha!), and hanging out with my cats Ginger and Izzy.

With members all over the country, when do you have time to rehearse?
We take every opportunity we can get! In reality, we build in rehearsals around our performances to incorporate new repertoire, and we rely on one another to create and learn new arrangements between each performance! It can be challenging, but whenever we have the opportunity to sing together we come in prepared and ready to vibe with one another, and it’s like no time has passed at all.

Where can I find your music and more information about the band?
Follow us @chasingsaturnofficial and learn more at! You can find our mini-cover series there, as well as updates on where to find new music.

If someone wanted to hire you for an event, how can they reach you?
Send us an email at or through the form on our website!

What kind of events could you be hired for?
Educational Workshops and Concerts, PAC Shows, Cruise Contracts, Private Parties, Corporate Events, Music Festivals, Conventions, Community Functions, Shuttle Launches.

What is your perfect sandwich?
Charlie: Cuban. Easy.

Slone: Chicken cutlet hero with lettuce tomato Swiss mayo and avocado. My bodega has me spoiled because I can get a fresh one made 24/7 at a 2 minute notice for only $12. It’s my favorite thing about NYC. Also the firebird at Ron’s is Midwest perfection.

Adam: I love a classic turkey sandwich: lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo, and of course toasted bread.

Dan: The Firebird from Ron’s Place. Ranch on the side.

Mason: Did someone already say the Firebird at Ron’s???? With pickles, served with curly fries and ranch.

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