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Mock-Tailing it up in Downtown Kenosha

From fine dining with craft cocktails to easy-going small business bars overflowing with Miller Lite, Kenosha has it all. But what about those of us that don’t drink for whatever reason? We can still go out with our friends and experience the fun atmosphere of Kenosha’s bars, taverns and restaurants. If you’re tired of drinking soda or juice and want to spice it up a bit, here are a few places that offer Non – Alcoholic mock-tail options that are fun and delicious.

The Coffee Pot recently introduced HIYO a Functional Seltzer. Flavors include Blackberry Lemon, Watermelon Lime, Mango Peach & Strawberry Guava. Crafted with mindful ingredients, organic adaptogens, natural nootropic & functional botanicals. A refreshing twist just for Summer. And it’s only 30 calories!!

Tavern on the 6th offers a selection of NA beer from Heineken 0.0 to NA craft beer like Lakefront IPA to Taven Ale from Rustic Road Brewing. You can also ask one of their lovely and creative bartenders to surprise you with a fun mock-tail like a pomegranate lemon fizz  flavored with their house made specialty syrups.

Church & Market has its own NA drink selection on their menu. It includes Red and white wine. A play on the Negroni called the NAgroni and Spiritless Margarita, both made with non-alcoholic spirits.

Boathouse Dockside Pub & Eatery will be introducing a non-alcoholic menu soon, says Beverage Manager and Mixologist Jamie. The menu will include NA beers and specialty cocktails like the Watermelon Foe-jito. Refreshing and delicious just in time for the sunny summer season.

If an establishment doesn’t offer a non-alcoholic option, I always ask the bartender to “Make me something special – NA style” With the experienced bartenders in the downtown area, I’m never disappointed with the creative works of art they give me. While at dinner with friends at Wine Knot Bar and Bistro I asked to be surprised with an NA cocktail. They created a simple tropical dream of coconut, pineapple, cherry and lime. Not only was it delicious it paired perfectly with my dessert!

Whether you’re avoiding a hangover or just prefer not to consume alcohol, Downtown Kenosha has a plethora of options to enjoy with friends and family!