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Equinox botanical boutique

“We strive to offer great service and create a wonderful experience for our customers.” – Maria

Start planning your next visit to Equinox botanical Boutique! Owner Maria Caravati has transformed her business into a true garden of wonders, featuring indoor plants, gardening, growing herbs, vegetables, and wine. Maria and her staff will make sure you leaf with a smile. Let’s bring some sunshine into your day as we sit down and get to know Maria in this exclusive Go Downtown Kenosha interview.

Can you give us a little rundown of the history of Equinox botanical boutique?
Maria: Well, we’ve been here for 23 years, so I’m going to try to make it super brief. We began primarily as massage therapists, offering therapy and body care products. Fast forward to the last four years, where my lifelong passion for plants led me to transform the shop into a botanical boutique. Teaching people the power of plants, empowering them to grow their own food, and incorporating living plants into their homes is very special to me. That’s the basic premise.

So you touched on plants, massages, what are some of the other products and services you offer here?
Maria: Everything botanical! From tropical house plants to teaching the power of plants. Seasonally, we offer herbs, vegetables, and plants. Additionally, we have skincare products, facial services, garden and house plant services, as well as garden products.

What’s with all this wine next to you?
Maria: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. So, botanical wine grown from grapes and pastas. We have wonderful pastas made in small batches, many incorporating herbs and vegetables. Our focus is on sustainable wine growers, particularly women-owned or women winemakers.

What makes Equinox botanical boutique stand out among the many great businesses here in downtown Kenosha?
Maria: Our location is a beacon of the south end, with a beautiful facade adorned with murals and seasonal displays. We strive to offer great service and create a wonderful experience for our customers.

What is something about downtown Kenosha that you would like new or future residents to know about?
Maria: Downtown Kenosha is full of small businesses with big visions. We prioritize compassion and excellent service and encourage everyone to support privately-owned businesses. It’s a wonderful experience within walking or biking distance, with many cool shops and eateries to explore.

What is a day in the life of Maria, the owner of Equinox botanical boutique? Walk us through it.
Maria: It depends on the season. If it’s garden season, I start by taking care of Satchmo, my puppy, then tend to the garden. I enjoy quiet time in the morning with coffee and the newspaper. I go through my notes and sometimes come into the shop, although I have a wonderful assistant who manages things efficiently, allowing me to focus on other aspects of the business.

What are some things that you personally like to do in downtown Kenosha?
Maria: I love shopping, visiting eateries, and checking in on our neighbors. Taking Satchmo for a walk to the shops and visiting the lake are also enjoyable activities.

What is next for Equinox botanical boutique?
Maria: Continuing to educate and empower people about the importance of growing their own food and the power of plants, regardless of space limitations. It’s a continuous journey of teaching and learning.

Equinox botanical boutique 5901 6th Avenue A, Kenosha
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Q&A, Photos and concept by Donny Stancato & Jenna Zeihen• Edited by Meridith Jumisko, Jenna Zeihen & Donny Stancato