Leading the Flock in Children’s Fashion: Spotlight on Millie Bo Peep

Mille Bo Peep

I really wanted a business like this in Kenosha. I saw a need for it, and so I was just crazy enough to do this.” – Tina Warner

From criminal investigator to the owner of Kenosha’s number one children’s boutique, Tina Warner is a sheer delight as we sit down and get to know all about her business, Millie Bo Peep, and her love for downtown Kenosha.

Can you give us a little rundown on the history of Millie Bo Peep?
Tina: Yes, the history of Millie Bo Peep. It started off when I was pregnant with my daughter, Millie, and I really wanted a business like this in Kenosha. I saw a need for it, and so I was just crazy enough to do this.

Can you describe the types of products and services Millie Bo Peep offers?
Tina: We have a wide variety of clothing from newborn all the way up to size 10 and big kids. We have perfect items for baby showers, birthday gifts—you name it. Anything kid-related, we are your one-stop shop.

What makes your business stand out among the many great businesses here in downtown Kenosha?
Tina: I think our business is very unique. To my knowledge, there are not very many other kids clothing stores or small business-owned children’s stores in Kenosha. So that makes us a great place to shop.

What is something about downtown Kenosha that you would like new or future residents to know?
Tina: Downtown Kenosha is a great community. There’s so much to do here, so much to see here. We have the lakefront, so many restaurants, so many great shopping places. You have to come down here and check it out.

What are some things that you personally like to do in downtown Kenosha?
Tina: My family and I love to go downtown and spend as much time as we can by the lake. We love going out by the lighthouse. We love going to our favorite businesses down here and just supporting everything.

How do you stay updated on the latest trends in kids’ clothing?
Tina: So we do a lot of traveling and attend events and shows all over the U.S. This year, we are going on a close visit to Chicago and we’re also going to Vegas. We have a couple more places up our sleeves, but we always get to see the new trends about a year before they even come out.

What’s next for Millie Bo Peep?
Tina: I think we are just here to stay. We will keep thriving and keep pushing here in downtown Kenosha. And hopefully, our customers will just love continuing to shop and support us.

Millie Bo Peep – 5720 6th Avenue.Kenosha, WI 53140
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Q&A and Photos by Donny Stancato • Concept by Donny Stancato & Jenna Zeihen • Edited by Meridith Jumisko, Jenna Zeihen & Donny Stancato