Formal Conversation with Brett Bjorn: Spotlight on Mike Bjorn’s Clothing

Mike Bjorns clothing

“Attention to detail is crucial in maintaining our standards.”- Brett

Welcome to Bjorn’s, where the Bjorn family has been providing the area with top-quality formalwear for over 40 years. In this exclusive conversation, we sit down with second-generation owner Brett Bjorn to delve into the details of his store and his passion for downtown Kenosha. So, prepare to suit up for an enlightening discussion.

Can you provide us with a brief overview of the history of Bjorn’s?

Brett: Certainly. My father founded the business in 1981 with a small loan and built it up over the past four decades. We specialize in weddings and special events, emphasizing fair prices, excellent customer service, and a vast selection of products.

What sets Bjorn’s apart from other businesses in downtown Kenosha?

Brett: We’re known for being an unconventional menswear store that infuses fun into the shopping experience. Our extensive inventory and distinctive decor, including giant penguins adorning our building, help us stand out in the community.

Q: What aspect of downtown Kenosha would you like newcomers to appreciate?

Brett: Downtown Kenosha offers a diverse array of businesses, from fantastic restaurants and bars to unique retail establishments. Plus, the stunning lakefront adds to the area’s charm.

Q: What activities do you enjoy in downtown Kenosha?

Brett: I love treating my daughters to ice cream outings and enjoying evenings out with friends at the vibrant bars and restaurants. Additionally, I appreciate the convenience of finding last-minute gifts at the excellent retail stores.

Q: How do you keep up with trends and changes in your industry?

Brett: I stay informed by attending menswear shows across the country, where I discover new styles and trends. Additionally, I conduct internet research and explore different cities to observe fashion trends firsthand.

Q: Could you describe a typical day in your life?

Brett: My day usually begins with several cups of coffee before I open the store. I oversee daily operations, ensuring everything is in order and everyone is fulfilling their responsibilities. Attention to detail is crucial in maintaining our standards.

Q: What’s on the horizon for Bjorn’s? Any plans for expansion?

Brett: While we’re not expanding beyond our current location, we’re making significant changes to our downstairs area. We’re transitioning from vintage to modern inventory and adding more fitting rooms to accommodate our growing clientele, particularly on busy Saturdays.

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