Flower Power: Spotlight on A Summer’s Garden Florist

A Summer’s Garden Florist Flowers & Gifts

“We love beautiful flowers and plants, and we love bringing that joy to other people.” – Lyna

Looking for beautiful flowers and unique gifts? Well, look no further than A Summer’s Garden Florist. Owner Lyna Postuchow is always a warm ray of sunshine when you walk through the door, so stop and smell the roses and enjoy our conversation.

Can you give us a little rundown of the history of Summer’s Garden Florists and Gifts?
Lyna: For the past 16 years, my husband Kevin and I have owned Summer’s Garden Florists and Gifts, and we’ve been florists for many, many years.

Can you describe the types of products and services you offer here at Summer’s Garden?
Lyna: We’re a full-service florist right here in the heart of downtown Kenosha. And we deliver in Somers, Kenosha, and Pleasant Prairie. We have beautiful fresh flowers, plants, and a wide range of fun, sassy gifts, antiques, and vintage items too. We stand out because we provide exceptional customer service. We treat our customers like our friends.

What is something about downtown Kenosha that you would like new or future residents to know about?
Lyna: Downtown Kenosha is filled with beautiful shops, delicious restaurants, and fun bars. There is so much to do in downtown, all right next to our gorgeous lake.

What are some things that you personally like to do in downtown Kenosha?
Lyna: I love to walk through downtown Kenosha and see all the wonderful shops, smiles, and people being happy and just glad to be out and about here in downtown Kenosha.

Can you share any remarkable experiences of being a downtown Kenosha business owner?
Lyna: I have met people from all over the country and all over the world. They walk through our doors, and we’re happy to give them directions, a smile, and wonderful gifts to buy.

What is a day in the life like for you as the owner of A Summer’s Garden Florist and Gifts?
Lyna: Well, a day in the life is waking up and being so happy to come to work. We love beautiful flowers and plants, and we love bringing that joy to other people.

What is next for A Summer’s Garden Florist and Gifts?
Lyna: Next? More gifts, more flowers, more services. We’re here for you.

A Summer’s Garden Florist Flowers & Gifts
5617 6th Ave, Kenosha, WI
(262) 657-7673

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Q&A, Photos, by Donny Stancato • Concept by Donny Stancato & Jenna Zeihen• Edited by Meridith Jumisko, Jenna Zeihen & Donny Stancato