Fantastic Gymnastics: Spotlight on Donna’s Gym-nastics

Donna’s Gym-nastics

“We’re very educationally based with our program and our curriculum.” – Donna

Donna’s Gym-nastics has been setting the bar for gymnastics in downtownKenosha for over 14 years, offering a wide balance of gymnastics classes. In this exclusive interview, we jump into Donna’s journey, her love for gymnastics and downtown Kenosha.

Can you give us a little rundown on the history of Donna’s Gym-nastics and you starting the business?
Donna: We started 30 years ago. We just had our 30th anniversary and we started in Wilmot and Twin Lakes, (in Kenosha County)and we used to work out at churches with our equipment and set up in the old parochial school gyms and basements and then we came into Kenosha and expanded.

Can you describe the products and services that Donna’s Gym-nastics offers?
Donna: Well, we do have a gym shop in the front of our gym where we sell leotards and tights and shorts and t-shirts and different items for gymnastics and cheerleading. We offer cheerleading classes, gymnastic classes, fitness warrior classes, which are kind of ninja style classes, baby gym classes for six to 12 month old children, as well as preschool movement classes, We’re very educationally based with our program and our curriculum. 

What makes Donna’s Gym-nastics stand out among the many great businesses in downtown Kenosha?
Donna: We’re non-competitive and we offer a safe environment with a small ratio of students to teachers. And a lot of our teachers are former teachers or former gymnasts and have a lot of experience.

Why do you love Downtown Kenosha?
Donna: I love downtown Kenosha because there’s a nice community of small business owners and they all seem to want to work together and have everybody be successful.

What are some things you personally love to do in downtown Kenosha?
Donna: I love to go dining downtown. There’s a lot of places to choose from and a lot of places, nice places to hang out like coffee shops and things like that.

How do you stay up to date on all the trends and changes in the world of gymnastics?
Donna: I try to stay up to date on teaching techniques and drills and different types of skills in the world of gymnastics and cheerleading and fitness by going to the USA Gymnastic Congress every year. It’s the national congress that I attend, as well as usually a championship for the gymnastic Olympic trials and things like that.

What is a day in the life like for you as the owner of Donna’s Gym-nastics?
My day usually starts coming to the gym and setting things up and making sure our instructional materials are together, my student or my staff’s lesson plans are together, things like that to make sure that we’re all ready for our classes.

What is next for Donna’s Gym-nastics?
Donna: Well, we’d like to expand our program a little bit, possibly expand our space, and possibly expand into the world of aerial gymnastics.

Donna’s Gymnastics is located at 5717 6th Ave.
Visit the website for sign ups and more CLICK HERE

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