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Brewing up his own dreams: Q&A w/ Deshaun Foster of Blak Coffee

From elementary school teacher to owning his own coffee shop Blak Coffee Kenosha, DeShaun Foster has a latte love to give to the community and to his customers, so have an extra expresso shot and enjoy this brew-tiful sit down interview.

Q. How long has Blak Coffee Kenosha been in business?
DeShaun: My Brick and Mortar location officially turned 1 years old this February. BLAK Coffee as a business is 2 years old

Q. What inspired you to start Blak Coffee Kenosha?
DeShaun: My daughter.  She inspired me to become a better person all the time, but this is all her idea.

Owner DeShaun Foster

Q. Can you tell me about the types of coffee beans you use?
DeShaun: We use a Signature blend from Eastview Coffee Company.

Q. Does Blak Coffee Kenosha offer any specialty or unique coffee blends?
DeShaun: We offer our Signature Blend along with 3 other unique blends: Dark N Lovely, BLAK Gold, Afro Latina.

Q. What are some of the most popular items on the Blak Coffee Kenosha menu?
DeShaun: Bonfire Cold Brew and our plant based energy drinks.

Q. What are your signature drinks or pastries?
DeShaun: Lois’ Latte, Jessie’s Americano, Viola’s Octane, Rochester’s Redeye.

Q. How do you come up with new menu items?
DeShaun: My creative mind and taste.

Q. What kind of vibes do you aim for at Blak Coffee Kenosha?
DeShaun: A look into culture and my family.  We are a shop where everyone feels welcome when you walk through the door.

Q. How do you engage/connect with the local community?
DeShaun: Mainly through social media

Q. How do you ensure a positive customer experience at Blak Coffee Kenosha?
DeShaun: I always tell my employees do everything you can to ensure you will see that customer walk through the door again. Make them feel comfortable while being genuine.

Q. Are there any events or community activities that Blak Coffee Kenosha participates in?
DeShaun: We participate in Kenosha HarborMarket, Sip N Stroll, Make Music Fest, Kenosha Juneteenth.

Q. Do you have a loyalty programs?
DeShaun: Not at the moment but we will be starting soon

Q. What is the day to day like running Blak Coffee Kenosha?
DeShaun: The Day to Day can be up and down, but the one constant thing I like to think is keeping my coffee shop consistent.

Q. Do you change your menu seasonally, and if so, how do you decide on seasonal offerings?
DeShaun: We use to do a new specially menu every week, but decided to try different menus with the seasons and Holidays.

Q. Are there any upcoming seasonal promotions or events?
DeShaun: Our Valentine’s Day menu will be dropping February 7th.

Some of DeShaun’s great staff

Q. Can you tell us a little about the fantastic staff at Blak Coffee Kenosha?
DeShaun: My staff is individually different in each way. When you have a shop with different style it brings different variations to the culture. They’re funny, nice, goofy, informative all in one.

Q. What do you love about having Blak Coffee in downtown Kenosha?
DeShaun: During the Spring and Summer is when you see so many people walking their dogs, so many events, car shows, and different things that brings different walks of life down here. I love it.

Q. Are there any new features or offerings you plan to introduce in the future at Blak Coffee Kenosha?
DeShaun: Waffles and Bagels will be starting soon.

Q. What makes Blak Coffee Kenosha stand out from all the other coffee shops in the area?
DeShaun: The feeling you get while you are here. The music, the people, the taste, the flavors. As well as my menu of legends and the community I grew up in is all over the walls.

Q. What is your favorite drink at Blak Coffee Kenosha?
DeShaun: Brown Suga Baby!

Q. So what is next for Blak Coffee Kenosha?
DeShaun: Continuing to strive to greatness. I hope to continue to be in the community for years to come.

Q. What do you love about downtown Kenosha?
DeShaun: The Vibes. Especially at night time, there is so many different things going on and to do.

Q. Besides Black Coffee, what is your favorite place to get coffee in downtown Kenosha?
DeShaun: Eastview Coffee.

BLAK COFFE is located at 5615 7th Ave. Kenosha, WI 53140
Hours: OPEN Tuesday – Saturday  7:00 AM – 3:00 PM • Sunday & Monday CLOSED

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Q&A/photos by Donny Stancato & Edited by Meridith Jumisko of the Visit Kenosha team
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